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If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

" You are very professional and very friendly. Thank you very much." - Daniel M.,

"I recommend everyone to get braces. The treatment may be lengthy, and there may be occasional pains and aches, but it's totally worth it.  The results are amazing!!"- Ayana P., patient

"I got my braces off today and they look amazing! I  got them over a year ago and thought they'd never come off.  If you listen to the doctor and do all the instructions that they tell you to do, your teeth will come out better than you expected! Thank you so much for making my smile perfect!"- Mariah C., patient

"Having braces for 2 years and a half was totally worth it!! Having them requires total responsibility.  You have to make sure that you floss and brush properly and take care of your mouth/teeth overall.  I never had issues with cavities or broken brackets because I cared about my teeth and knew that at the end of my treatment it would all be so worth it.  Always listen to Dr. Raglin and all the advise she gives you to take care of your braces because they're a complete life changer and of course expensive!!!!"- Ariella H., patient

"Having braces was a pleasant experience for me.  While it took some time to get used to, they seemed to disappear after a while.  Because I personally wanted for my teeth to look better, I tried my very best to follow all instructions that I was given. Giving up things like gum and popcorn may have been hard at first, but I knew the outcome would be well worth it.  I've always heard that people would always forget to wear their rubber bands; however, I found that it was a lot easier than I originally believed.  I am so happy that I was fortunate enough to have braces and I am so pleased with the outcome.  I could not, in fact, be more pleased :-)."- Jordan C., patient

"Overall, having braces can make your teeth sore right after appointments, especially when having the wires changed or altered. Also, you can get sore during appointments while you are being worked on.  On the other hand, I have fallen asleep with being too comfortable in the orthodontist's chairs. It's extremely important to make sure the ends of the wires are cut short enough so they're not poking the inside of your mouth. Make sure to have the orthodontist take care of that before you leave the office or you will regret it. Never bite down on hard textured food such as toasted bread, almonds and raw broccoli, because your brackets can't handle the pressure, forcing them to break off. Most importantly, wear your rubber bands!! Always have wax with you to help with any tender spots your braces have caused irritation.  After two years, these sacrifices will all be worth it once you open your mouth and see your perfect teeth.  Having a great Orthodontist like Dr. Raglin and her associates made the time go by smoothly and quickly.  I would refer them to anyone who wants their teeth fixed the right way and enjoying it the whole time!!" Jason A., patient

"When I got my braces off I was really happy.  At first it felt really weird, but then I got used to it.  It doesn't hurt (to get them off).  Well only a little.  My favorite part is that I can finally chew gum.  You will also look great!." Nathan D., patient

"Glad that I came here. I loved everyone here.  They were amazing!! I definitely recommend coming here.  You definitely need to brush and floss.  Also try your best not to break any brackets or you could be in your braces even longer.  When you get them off, make sure you wear your retainers or you'll be back in your braces!!!!" Michelle H., mother of patient

"Keep brushing and flossing!! Listen to the doctor." Samar H., patient

"Having braces was a great experience. I was nervous at the beginning but you guys took care of me and made me feel safe." Nafis F., patient

"I'm glad I got my braces off. It does not hurt as much as I thought it would. I still can't talk well with the retainer, NO BRACES EVER AGAIN!!!!!"
Emma P, patient

"I think they were very informative throughout the treatment process.  I knew exactly what to do and eat, and exactly what not to do /eat in order to make my treatment the best possible.  I am so excited to finally have my braces off and would recommend Raglin Orthodontics to anyone." Shaynce G., patient

"I have had my braces on for 4 years. I started in Detroit, MI with a orthodontist that didn't care about me at all. When I moved here, Dr. Raglin was on me about flossing every time and cared about my teeth.  I am going to always floss after this because I now see the importance of my teeth's overall hygiene.  Thanks to Dr. Raglin, I have a brand new set of teeth!!" Candice G, patient

"My Braces were a pain in the butt, I knew if i wanted that perfect smile that Dr. Raglin blessed me with I would have to hang in there and follow the rules that comes with wearing the braces. I am finally free and loving my new smile the braces will not be missed but I will miss the staff and Dr. Raglin. Love you guys thank you so much."
Michelle T, patient

"If I had to tell someone about my treatment it would be to brush and floss you teeth after your done eating and to always wear your rubber bands if needed everyday. Don't eat hard stuff, for example cheetos, takis, candy, etc. Make sure that when you want to eat apples cut them into fine pieces.
Karina J, patient

"Having braces was a big responsibility! But it is easy to take care of. I had to understand that in order to not break a bracket I had to cut everything in little pieces. I wasnt allowed to eat gum nor eat chips other than thin potato chips, no hard candy. No soda it will damage your braces, and always brush and floss your teeth!"
Fatima L, patient

"First starting off with braces was very scary and frustrating, but it quickly became an easy part of my life.  I began just looking forward everyday to just getting them off. I changed my diet too. But all of that is irrelevant in the end when I get to look in the mirror and see my amazing smile. Having braces was just a small price to pay to have a lifetime of confidence. I was so happy with my orthodontist and staff making me feel welcome and secure. Everything was amazingly professional."
Josh F, patient

"It is important to have a nice smile after your braces are taken off. Therefore, you need to do the appropriate care for your braces. One way is not to chew gum or eat sticky, chewy stuff. For example, Laffy Taffy's. There are plenty of other things you can eat for instance chocolate, but the ones without almonds/peanuts. Another thing you should do is brush your teeth after each meal and also flossing. The importatnce of flossing is as important as brushing your teeth. You always want to make sure you have a clean smile. Another thing you can do is wear your elastics if you were told to. That helps fix your teeth and if you wear them as told, it can speed up your process for getting your braces off. Afterall, I enjoyed wearing braces, it was a big experience. Even though it was a lot of taking care of. Now after 2 years and 4 months I'm really happy of having a nice smile. I couldn't be happier. Thank you to Dr. Raglin and staff"
Jessica T, patient

"From my first visit with Dr. Raglin, I decided this was where I wanted to get my braces. The facility was clean (super plus for me) and the staff was very warm and friendly. I enjoyed every visit and actually started looking forward to them. I am so, so, so pleased with my smile! I would definitely recommend anyone to Raglin Orthodontics. Thanks ya'll!"
Michelle A, patient

"The staff and Dr. Raglin have been the greatest in improving my child, Joni Wood's, confidence and smile. They all have been exceptional in answering questions and caring for my child along with all others!"
Marie W, Joni's mom

"The staff was very nice to me and always made me smile."
Joni W, patient

"To be honest, I  dreaded getting braces. I felt I was too grown to be wearing braces and that I would end up wearing them forever. Dr. Raglin told me in the beginning 18 months, and my braces were off in 18 months exactly. She is an excellent dentist and has fully staffed her office with personnel who share in her vision of excellence and customer service. The treatment I have received here by Dr. Raglin and everyone on her staff is unparalleled not only in orthodontics, but customer service as well. Thanks for my beautiful new smile!"
Jeanna H, patient

"I had an awful experience at first when I got my braces. I couldn't eat anything hard or gum, so I only ate soup. Anyways, I got used to it and paid very good attention to my teeth here in Raglin. Thank you so much!"
Bryan M, patient

"Having braces was a cool experience. Of course they hurt when you first get them on and through the tightening, but trust  me, the end result is amazing! If your teeth aren't straight and you need braces, come to Raglin Orthodontics. You will not regret it."
Kameron C, patient

"When I had my braces, Dr. Raglin kept on telling me to brush my teeth. Sometimes the braces hurt when they tighten them but it was tight in order to get my teeth straight. I couldn't eat the good food but you can make it without it. Flossing, make sure you always floss. It is important to always floss or your gums will get swollen and it hurts. In the end though, my teeth feel great!"
John G, patient

"My experience at Dr. Raglin's was amazing. I was treated with great care. I would recommend friends and family to Dr. Raglin to receive the same great care that I did."
Imani R, patient

"I would like to thank the staff at Raglin Orthodontics for all of support and great service. Everyone was very helpful and professional which really meant a lot. I am very impressed with the results of my son's teeth. He is very happy and smiling from ear to ear. I recommend your office to anyone and definitely assure that they would be happy as well. Thanks!"
Delinda & Desmond R, parent/ patient

"When I first got braces I thought they would hurt but I didn't feel a thing. The people are amazingly nice. Now my teeth feel straighter than ever."
Madison M, patient

"Dr. Raglin is the best! She kept me very involved with my treatment. Yolanda and Stephanie were very upbeat and positive during my treatment. I can now be very proud of my smile instead of embarrassed. Thank you for all your help!"
Mironda G, patient

"Having braces was a great experience for me. It really taught me responsibility. Overall it was great and the results are worth the wait!"
Melissa V, patient

"I really enjoyed my time at Raglin Orthodontics. I felt the Orthodontist stayed focused and professional about my dental process. I always felt comfortable with everyone there. I never felt like just another appointment or patient. I was always treated with respect and care. In the end of the process I had amazing results and I was more than happy with the way I look. I now have a confident smile thanks to the Raglin Orthodontics team."
Limeal G, patient

"At the beginning, I thought that braces were very uncomfortable and hard to keep up with. As it went on I understood it more and it got better. Now that I have my braces off, I love my teeth"
Diana S, patient

"I'm very happy that my braces are finally off. It felt like they were on forever. Now I can finally eat the foods I like :) I will wear my retainers 24/7 for 8 weeks, then I will wear it every night. I will not lose them. My experience with the braces was somewhat difficult. It was hard to get adjsuted to them. After awhile I got used to them. Good thing I had a great doctor and her staff to take care of me"
Megan S, patient


"Dr. Raglin and her staff are very knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. More importantly, the staff is always respectful of my time. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes for my appointment. They run a tight ship, yet are very comforting. The ambiance of the office is always cheerful and upbeat. They are also readily available to address any unforeseen emergencies. Without hesitation, I would recommend Dr. Raglin and her wonderful staff to any parent looking for orthodontic care for their children as well as themselves. They provide professional care and are wonderful people too! Keep up the great work Raglin Orthodontics!"
Andre C, patient


"I am going to miss guys! You have been so nice to my Mckalen. I'm glad she can smile without being ashamed. I will tell everybody about Raglin Orthodontics."
Love- Mildred H, Mckalen's mom

"I am so glad my teeth look better than before. I don't have anymore gaps or spaces in my teeth. I can smile and laugh without being afraid to show my teeth. I am going to recommend anyone that needs braces."
Thank you- Mckalen B, patient

"The experience was terrific. I will recommend this office to people I know. Ive had a comfortable time and here and love the results!"
Kelly S, patient

"I really enjoyed my time here. After my accident at cheerleading practice, when one of my teammates pushed my teeth out of place, I started to think how my teeth are never going to get back right. But I am very satisfied with my results. I enjoyed coming to the office. Everyone was nice and always greeted me. Thank you all so much"
Dorneshia M, patient

"Dr. Raglin and staff are great professionals and provide wonderful services to all clients. During my treatment I watched them care for their customers young and old in a professional and courteous manner. I will be proud to refer family, friends, and colleagues to the Raglin Orthodontics. Thank you"
Leon H, patient

"I came to Dr. Raglin from another orthodontist & Dr. Raglin and her employees took great care of me. They were able to accommodate all my needs and keep me on track with my treatment. I especially loved how they were able to fix the issues with my insurance company. All in all, my treatment was great. My teeth are straighter and I absolutely love my new smile =)"
Amaria W, patient

"I would like to thank Dr. Raglin and her staff for providing excellent customer service and making my experience with braces a smooth transition. Dr. Raglin's staff was very professional and friendly. They were very helpful with explaining my treatment options, payment plan, and overall care with braces in a manner that was easy to follow. I have enjoyed my overall experience with the Raglin Orthodontics and I would highly recommend them to my family and friends. I have a great smile now and I'm ready to show it off! :) Thanks for everything!!!"
Quiana S, patient

"I am really happy with my results. Before I came to the Raglin Orthodontics, I was uncomfortable to smile. Since I am in the entertainment industry it is important to be confident in your own skin. Now I can truly say I have something to smile about! Thank you Dr.Raglin and staff :)"
Tedra C, patient

"My two years and 8 months with braces has been interesting but I'm very happy with my outcome. Although, if I would have wore my rubber bands as often as I should have, towards the beginning, I would have gotten them off sooner. It was fun always making Dr. Raglin and Yolanda laugh :)"
Alissa B, patient

"My experience here was long and meaningful. I came here for my teeth to be straightened and I went through the whole experience with my family and the people here.... I made friends and I loved it here. The 1st day I came here I had to get braces, but today October 11th, 2012 I leave with no braces no longer on my teeth. I'm proud to have went through what I went through!"
Jordan F, patient

"They were very gentle and kind. They also did very well & I was very much satisfied with my results. I highly recommend Dr. Raglin to anybody who needs braces."
Ashley O, patient

"My experience was great and I hope to keep it like that until I totally finish my treatment. Yolanda is very patient all the time. 'Thanks my friends' and Dr. Raglin is so professional. I'm so so happy with my teeth :)"
Mayra F, patient

"We've had a great experience with Dr. Raglin's office. She and her staff are very professional, thorough, fun, and friendly. They are patient with all of our questions and concerns. We will definitely refer anyone to their office! Thanks so much for everything!"
Jacqui B, Devan's mom

"I liked having different braces without the colors. I liked not having to wear bands the entire time I had braces. The staff was always nice and friendly. I wouldn't have wanted to get braces anywhere else!"
Devan B, patient

"It was good. At first I was scared, but it turned out great!"
Anthony S, patient

"They were helpful and always had the right treatment planned. They knew what they were doing the whole time. They were great!"
Robert B, patient

"It was an awesome experience being here. Everyone was so helpful in getting me to realize how important brushing and flossing is and I love the style of the office."
Tyler H, patient

"I am very happy with the outcome of my teeth. I just don't like my retainer. I sound funny and it carries a lot of spit. But I would strongly refer Dr. Raglin Orthodontics and her great staff to my friends. Outstanding Job! Thank you so much!"
Love- Kearston G, patient

"I am very HAPPY with the treatment Kearston received. I would strongly refer Dr. Raglin Orthodontics and her great staff. Great job! Thank you so much!"
Laprecious C, Kearston's mom

"I always loved coming to Dr. Raglin and conversing with the staff here! I'm so happy with the outcome and it was well worth every second of wearing my braces. Thank you guys so much!"
Love- Marissa T, patient

"Dr. Raglin and her staff are amazing. They are so friendly and professional too. The appointments arae kept on schedule with minimal wait. They are also very accomodating and work with your schedule. My daughter went from a gappy smile to a beautiful one. Thank you all for your help!"
Jessica T, Marissa's mom

"I came here when I was 12 and was very excited to get braces because my teeth were really crooked. Throughout the whole experience, Dr. Raglin and everyone here were so sweet and made me feel at ease. My mom is a single mother but everyone worked so well with her for her to be able to pay for my treatment. I'm now 15 and have a confident smile thanks to everyone at Raglin Orthodontics! <3"
Chance M, patient

"Chance was 12 when we came to see Dr. Raglin. Her teeth were really crooked and a couple overlapped. Within a couple of months they were already looking straight; I knew of course this was just the beginning. The time flew by and today she got her braces off and received her retainer. She and her teeth are beautiful, of course, she already was before! Our experience with Dr. Raglin and her staff have made this journey stress free and they are all very sweet. Chance's little sister will become a patient in about 2 years and I know I have no worries when her day comes to get her braces also. Thank you to Dr. Raglin and her staff!"
Kelley F, Chance's mom

"I love the Raglin Orthodontics! They were always nice and incredibly helpful!!!"
Taylor C, patient 

"Raglin Orthodontics has been awesome! Going through the pain of braces was tough but in the end it paid off! I love my new teeth! :) "
Tiffany B, patient

"It was a great experience coming to Raglin Ortho. The personnel were always so nice!!"
Veronica K, Karima's mom 

"Although braces were a pain and a hassle, I am very happy to have had them! At Raglin's Orthodontist, they make the trip worth while! Also, when they say you will get your braces off in November, they mean it, unlike many other offices!"
Karima A, patient

"We have had a wonderful experience with Raglin Orthodontics. They have great staff who are always warm and friendly. We are thrilled with our results and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you!"
C. Moon

"Very knowledgeable of process and confident too. I feel very excited. Thank you for your help!"
J. Rich, patient

"She had to put up with me, so I thank you."
Dorothy W, patient

"Dr. Raglin and her staff make each visit fun — I love coming to get my braces adjusted."
Joey P., patient

"Since starting orthodontic treatment with Raglin Orthodontics, my once shy daughter is more confident each day with her changing smile. I am glad we choose Dr. Raglin and her staff for Corina's treatment. It has been a wonderful experience."
Gloria, Corina's mom

"Dr. Raglin has given me a new personality, "Confidence," which has initiated new changes in my life. I can't wait to see my final smile! Look out world here I come."
Fraser B., patient

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